Floral Address Books - Find your favorite floral designed address book

Floral address books has grown mighty popular. This website is buildt to be a resource for helping you find your favorite floral designed address book.

Address books are perfect for managing all your contacts. It can contain names, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, and other notes about your beloved ones. Digital address books tend to be deleted on occations, while your physical address book are more lightly to stay intact for years. Floral address books also gives a sense of quality and reminds us of the good old days.

Hot Flower Pocket Address Book

Floral hardcover address book designed to fit in your pocket. This floral address book has.rounded corners, an elastic closure band, and a pocket on the inside back cover.

Available at: Amazon.com

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Simple Chic Flowers Address Book

Nice looking spiral bound floral address book.

Available at: Amazon.com

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Floral Chintz Address Book

The desiign is adapted from French 19th century textile designs. Contains 104 pages.

Available at: Crane & Co

The Flower Fairies Address Book

This address book contains many color pages of Cicely Mary Baker's adorable little fairies. Different fairies for ever letter of the alphabet.
Available at: Amazon.com
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William Morris Floral Address Book

Beautifull address book designed from the collection of William Morris textiles.

Availailale at: Bibelot

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